1. Remove the Clutter

The simplest and most efficient way to start cleaning your bedroom is to start decluttering your room. Start with your clothes on the floor to give you more room to maneuver. If you’re not sure how to get started, work your way around the room. Once the floor is finished, take care of the clothes draped over the furniture. Get rid of all the trash around your bedroom, pick up the laundry and  put things back in their original places. All necessary things need to be separated from the important stuff. For all things that don’t belong in the bedroom, take them out.

2. Dust your Room

Okay, so now that your bedroom is clutter-free, you can begin the dusting process. Start by getting an old rag or swiffer and dust the ceiling Fans, walls and cobwebs. Dust picture frames, light fixtures, cabinets, tables, and chairs.  Also, don’t forget to cover your bed as the dust may fall on it, causing you more problems and extra cleaning than can be avoided.

3. Clean and Sanitize all Surfaces

It’s necessary to dust and disinfect all the areas you can. This commonly includes things like your wardrobe door, chairs, tables, and so many more. Dusting and cleaning these areas are important as it assures that the entire bedroom is clean and disinfected. Dusting can simply be done with any kind of rag, brush, or vacuum cleaner. If you want to clean your walls, this is a great time to do that! With the amount of dirt and dust on the floor, it’s a good time to take out the  vacuum to remove all the debris. If you have more time on your hands, you can try vacuuming the mattress and the carpets.

Put dry baking powder on your mattress and carpet and leave it on for at least two hours before you vacuum it out.

4. Remake the Bed

While making a bed is necessary every single morning when you get out of bed, the room doesn’t feel completely clean until the bed is refurbished and all the blankets and pillows are in place.

5. Get Rid of those Smells

Occasionally in our rooms, different smells may catch your attention, this is a very typical issue. When something spills it can leave a bad smell or odor. One of the first things you should do is identify where the odor is coming from and remove the source. Dehumidifiers, along with essential oils, work well without any negative effects from any chemical as they are not used, give it a try.

With so many people not getting time for themselves, cleaning the room that is your leisure hub can be daunting. Let your home get your bedroom clean and smelling good!